Welcome to the Albuquerque Grand!

It’s your life. Live it to the fullest. At Albuquerque Grand Senior Living, you’ll enjoy all the independence, privacy and freedom of living in your own home, but without all the worries that come with it…like home maintenance, extra costs, and security.

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Live Close to Everywhere You Want to Be!

One of the best things about being at Albuquerque Grand Senior Living is our convenient location. In fact, you or your loved one can get to just about anywhere you want or need to be in just a few minutes.

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Live the best years of your life!

Just because you need a little help doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your freedom. That’s what Assisted Living at Albuquerque Grand is all about — making sure you get the help and support you need, so you can enjoy the quality of life you expect.

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Enjoy Delicious Food...

At Albuquerque Grand, we pride ourselves with a wide selection of nutritious food choices. Our residents enjoy great meals with friendly service.

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Fun Activities...

At Albuquerque Grand, there’s always something to do. There are recreational, educational, and faith-based activities scheduled every day of the week. Come and join us for fun activities!

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Spacious, comfortable rooms...

Choose from different floor plans to meet your needs. Enjoy magnificent views from our top floors or choose lower floors for added convenience. Contact us to find out what we have available.

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Live The Best Years of Your Life at Albuquerque Grand Senior Living

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There was a time when retirement meant settling into an easy chair and letting other people take care of you. That was then. This is now.

Today’s seniors are sharper, fitter, and more active than ever. They enjoy a robust social life, entertainment and cultural activities. They exercise regularly, eat healthy, take care of their bodies and minds.  For today’s seniors, that easy chair might gather a lot of dust … at least at Albuquerque Grand Senior Living. As we believe your retirement years should be the best years of your life.

Retirement should mean freedom. Freedom from the demands of home ownership and maintenance, from the obligation to cook and clean…and worry. Freedom to truly make your retirement years your very best. Maybe you’ll choose Independent Living, where you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds … the privacy and independence of living in your own homey apartment, with all the security and convenience of round-the-clock staffing. If you need a little more assistance, choose the Assisted Living option, and get the extra help you need, so you can experience the quality of life you want.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website. Then let’s get together so you can visit our extensively-renovated building complex. Contact Us for an appointment to see our casually-elegant common areas and freshly-renovated apartments. Whether you’re a retiree, or an adult son or daughter helping mom and/or dad make a wise choice, you’ll receive valuable information from the Albuquerque Grand. So you can make the right decision, call 505 842-1972 for an explanation of our offerings and/or to schedule your personal tour.

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